Thank you to the students at Northampton Community College for reviewing our website!

We wanted to share some of the feedback we received.

These students are the future of the hospitality industry and we very excited for the opportunity to help them grow and succeed!

Here are the reviews we received

I think this website is an amazing idea. There are different resources that stuck out to me, especially the resume checklist. As a student in the hospitality industry, continuing to build a resume is key. Also, all of the events that this site offers for you to attend are awesome because that helps with networking. The last thing that I noticed about this website [sic] is the training and certifications that are offered. This website all around is one great resource for a student like myself to use to get into the industry, and I would definitely purchase my own membership to help me in succeeding in the business!

Great Idea! I feel this is a great outlet for communicating with the Hospitality Industry and to the market holistically as well. I feel that the content being placed within the site will provide fantastic opportunities for both the individual and business community…

I feel this is a great concept to build relationships with hospitality businesses and future employees and managers in the field [sic]. The cost seems reasonable for folks just starting out in the career field with low funds. The workshops and events are great for socializing and bringing people together in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I think it is a great concept to add to the hospitality organization with fun.

This website is so cool! I think it is awesome that there is a organization like this for our industry. I think that it is very important to keep growing as an professional, and their emphasis on that is apparent. Automatically I was drawn to the training and certificates section on the benefits [sic] page. This is something I am considering in investing in I don’t think the fee is that outrageous at all.

When I first go into the website they explain who and what they are. This is good because sometimes you can be unsure of what you are looking at. They also list the things they offer to persuade a potential customer to buy. When I login the first box has a list of career enhancing tasks I can do which excites me because if I were a person that didn’t know where to start by completing everything in that box. The mentoring program is excellent because it offers every form of communication and can be personal or more public. I appreciate how their jobs posted are exclusively hospitality but they only have 6 posted and they are all in random places in PA. They should get more jobs posted and in more areas. Also, their office is not in the area so to come to one of their H.O.P.S. Creates programs would be more difficult. Their volunteer section could use more variety considering it is only HOPS Creates and Adopt A Highway. The resource page would be really useful for a manager but, they would have to watch out for spelling errors. I found a few, before they hit the print button.

I love that there is a complaint section that people can fill out. As much as we try to not to, there are usually some sort of issues at the workplace, so having a direct submission form instead of saying “email this person” is a great idea.

This is really a great idea! I truly believe it will help those who want to enter in this field gain further knowledge and make sure that what they are doing is correct! Not only will this help future businesses but this will also help the individual in the future when making business ideas for the community. I feel as though this program should be sent out to individuals who are in Hospitality programs such as the one NCC has and that way those individuals can create accounts to help their businesses. It can help students keep track of all the amazing progress that will come to be.

First off, I find it fantastic that individuals and group members are able to communicate with one another and give advice and support. The website layout is very user friendly and appeals to both the younger and older generations. The partner directory is also a great idea to spread the word about certain subjects and promote local businesses. The community page is also a great idea to bring people together and make new friends, this will also help give back to the community just like the Adopt-A-Highway cleanup day. I understand this website was launched roughly half a year ago, I am looking forward to more events coming up because there are only a few at the moment. I will definitely check in every once and a while to see what’s going on and I am hoping to bring a friend or two to get to know others at these events such as bowling nights or the other events. Once I get to know a few people of the program, I might attend the HOPS creates Event and bring up a few new ideas when I get to know this community a little bit better. This is a great start to the website and the community, I will definitely refer this to one of my friends that owns their own small business in Coplay.