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www.hopseducation.org has officially been purchased & we are currently working on getting our Google Classroom set up.

The first official certification course designed by H.O.P.S. is currently in the “outline” phase & being reviewed by our education subject matter expert. Once approved, course content will be built around the outline.

Certification Course Title: Hospitality Train-the-Trainer

Proposed Course Format: 6-week online, self-paced program that will include PowerPoint led instruction, video reviews with reflections, assignments & final project.

Proposed Purpose: To certify proficiency as a Hospitality Train-the-Trainer, by preparing students to understand the role of being a trainer, how to create a Master Training Plan & a Specific Training Plan, understand the type of instructor they are & how to best present themselves, how to properly prepare to conduct training & how to successfully present training.

Proposed Timeline: Course content built, reviewed & tested NLT Monday, September 3, 2018. Course opens for first enrollments NLT October 1, 2018. Course start date NLT January 7, 2019.

Proposed Cost: H.O.P.S. Members = $0.00 / Non H.O.P.S. Members = $50.00

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