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You can volunteer with H.O.P.S. in many different ways whether you want to organize, run, participate in, or just spread the word about future events or projects through Give Back Attack, H.O.P.S. Standards, Certification & Training Courses, and more. Simply fill out a volunteer form and let us know what you are interested in, your best availability, and how to reach you. We’ll let you know when an event or project is coming up that you might be interested in.

Never be afraid to approach H.O.P.S. with a new idea! We want you to take the reins and make H.O.P.S. all your own!

Volunteer Opportunities


We are always looking for members to volunteer in our committees.

  • Annual 5K Beer Run
  • Training Course
  • Certification Course
  • H.O.P.S. Standards – Forms
  • H.O.P.S. Standards – Videos
  • H.O.P.S. Standards – New Employee Handbook
  • Give Back Attack Annual Event

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