Food Safety for Retail Food Facilities and Restaurants

Retail Food Facility Licenses are issued to:

  • Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Food Auctions, Grocery Stores, Convenient Store, Beer Distributors, Schools, Caterers and similar public food facilities where food is sold or served directly to a consumer from a physical location or facility.
  • All retailers are required to obtain a Retail Food Facility License PRIOR to operating a Retail Food Facility. This includes new facilities and change of ownership for existing businesses. Licenses are non-transferable to another proprietor, new facility or location.

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Food Employee Certification

The PA Department of Agriculture Food Employee Certification Act, 3 Pa C.S.A. 6501 – 6510, effective January 22, 2011, requires one employee per licensed food facility to obtain a nationally recognized food manager certification.  National exam programs are those that have been approved by ANSI using the Conference of Food Protection certified food protection manager standards.

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