Welcome to Hospitality Operators and Professionals Society

We’re that thing your coworker joined and was just telling you about.  Yeah, that’s us!

Having spent our lives in hospitality, we saw the need for change, so H.O.P.S. was formed to collectively transform and grow the culture of the hospitality industry.  We offer a variety of ways to help our members grow professionally and personally.

We want to know what drives you?  Lend your voice to H.O.P.S. today!

Why you have to
Join Right Now.

H.O.P.S. is vested in the passion, ideas, and needs of the hospitality industry.  Our organization is dedicated to engaging, encouraging, and creating opportunities for and with our individual and business members.

Honestly, we’re one of a kind, and one of the few out there looking to make real and lasting change through member-driven feedback and contributions.  And let’s be honest, we’re cheaper than the gym membership you’ve already paid for and not using.

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    H.O.P.S. Standards

    An ever-growing toolbox available in the palm of your hand. From forms to videos, we work hard with your peers to produce the most up-to-date templates and resources to improve every workplace.

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    Give Back Attack

    Each individual membership fee and renewal immediately makes a donation to our charity, Give Back Attack. We select individuals, families or groups that are in need of assistance.

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    Training & Certifications

    This is all up to you. If you’re wondering what a different role would be like in your industry or just looking to perfect your craft. Learn at your own pace. Nothing is mandatory.

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    Mentoring Program

    Advice from leaders & peers in your industry. This is where our membership community truly shines. Collaborate and share your similar experiences with professionals in your area.

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    Marketing/HOPS Bags

    We pride ourselves on our innovative ways to connect with our current and future members. Market your brand with us and everywhere we go. Expand your business with  HOPS Bags, sponsor one of our events, or put your information all over our site.

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    Job Placement & Resume Workshop

    Free resume review to start. Join our workshops, resume happy hours and apply to hospitality jobs in your area Employers: Post a job. Find talent. We can even help with a more in-depth employment strategy.

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    Helping Hospitality Service Grow

    We are here for all of our members to create an ever-growing directory of professionals and businesses that are dedicated to providing services to our industry.

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    H.O.P.S. sponsored social events, quarterly meetings, and volunteer opportunities.  We don’t expect you to attend every event, but for those looking to obtain information, get involved with H.O.P.S and the community, or to meet more of your peers, we’ll provide many opportunities.

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    Partner Deals

    Along with your extensive membership benefits, you also gain access to Federal Credit Unions, exclusive vendor events and special discounts between members and businesses.

Membership Pricing

It’s all about who you know, and we know a lot of people. We’re striving to build a network of H.O.P.S. certified individuals and companies to make it easier for employers and employees to connect.

$ 30 / year
  • Professionals currently working, previously worked, or those seeking to support the industry, enroll today for access to a variety of ways to grow professionally and personally.
$ 60 / year
  • Owners, management, and vendors, enroll your business today for access to a variety of tools available to help build a stronger workforce and connect directly with our professionals.

Upload Resume or Add Job Opening for our Job Placement

Our goal is to help qualified candidates to meet staffing needs.

Upcoming Events

Find out all the ways H.O.P.S. is getting involved in you, your career, and your community! If you see an event you are interested in attending, simply notify us through the calendar event itself or through the corresponding Facebook Event. We don’t expect you to attend every event, or any event at all, we just want to make sure we are offering something for everyone.

The HAPS at H.O.P.S.

H.O.P.S. is the perfect organization to create a mutually beneficial relationship through active sponsorship.  Stay current with recent website updates, new features for our members, latest partnerships and many other happenings at H.O.P.S. Contact us today to find out how you can play a major role in helping our members reach their goals.
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